Davie Tennis Stadium  is a set of five tennis courts entirely within the city limits of Piedmont (its address is 198 Oak Road, Piedmont 94610) but owned and operated by the City of Oakland. The site, the former Piedmont Paving Company quarry, was given to the City of Oakland in 1931 by former mayor John L. Davie and his family. Mayor Davie announced this stadium project idea in 1921, though the property was not actually given to Oakland until 10 years later.

Davie Stadium offers a broad array of tennis programs for adults and juniors, competitive and recreational players alike. For more information contact Director of Tennis Marc Weinstein at mweinstein2@oaklandnet.com or visit www.daviefest.org

Phone: (510) 444-5663


Photos from Our Oakland

Whew! Nepotism much?“Hurry Muffy, move the plant cover back, before
‘those people’ get here and want to use ‘our’ courts!”

This Assessor's map excerpt shows that all but a very small portion of the Davie Stadium property (the darker outlined parcel 7) is within the City of Piedmont.



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