Dave’s Coffee Shop on Broadway

Dave’s Coffee Shop (1930–2004) was an independent coffee shop and diner on Broadway in North Oakland that was a late-night destination for people of all ages, as Dave’s was open 24 hours a day. Dave’s was the kind of old-fashioned diner where folks could sit for hours and the waitresses would keep filling up your coffee.

Wonderful post-closure review on Yelp from ‘DN P.’:

 “[Dave’s] was an Oakland oasis for 77 years and deserves to be recognized … Dave’s opened in 1930 and closed in 2004. It was a neighborhood coffee shop and diner, serving folks traveling up and down Broadway. It sat next to Oakland Tech High School (building is still there as of Nov. 2008). They recently tore the sign down. That was a great sign. Old school neon and metal (image attached). I wish they’d left it up.

Anyway, I wish there were a way to help keep these old classy locations open. A diner support group perhaps? I’m weary of hardware stores, coffee shops and old places closing and getting replaced by chains, salons and more salons. (Can there please be city or state legislation limiting salons? College Ave is turning into Salon Alley.)

More on Dave’s:

”Dave’s Coffee Shop, at Broadway and 42nd Street, began its slow demise in the summer of 1995, when the diner switched to a breakfast- lunch schedule.

Dave’s, originally opened in 1930 with six stools and three booths, also catered to customers who came to philosophize and get to know each other, Sciacqua said. They were served cup after cup of coffee by waitresses who went by names like Bubbles, Rose and Betty.

Rail cars used to cart red rock through from Rockridge quarry on train tracks. The rail tracks are why Dave’s was set at an angle.

Its jolly neon chef blinked off for the last time Easter Sunday 2004.” 1


4299 Broadway

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