Daniel E. Easterbrook, was one of 25 pioneers who founded the town of Downieville, California in the Sierra County in 1850.

Easterbrook and his wife Nettie (née Nettie A. Stone) were world travelers. Nettie donated the Easterbrook Bird Fountain to the city of Oakland in 1914.

Nettie and Daniel Easterbrook were patrons of Fabiola Hospital, were she served as recording secretary as well as Director during the hospital's 27 consecutive years.  Nettie also served as President of the Home Club of Oakland for six years.

"D. E. Easterbrook, capitalist" is listed as living at the Hotel Metropole in 1903.

Easterbrook may have been involved in a lawsuit ... Daniel E. Easterbrook vs. _____

Daniel E. Easterbrook died in Oakland at the age of 83 in 1911.  Nettie passed away in _____.  Both are interned/buried at _____.

Link to an Oakland Tribune article about Daniel E. Easterbrook dated May 27, 1911 which appears to be his obituary, [Does someone have an account?] [Yep, I have a NewspaperArchive account; here are three of the articles]

Oakland Tribune article September 26, 1911 welcoming Mrs. Easterbrook home.

A Notice to Creditors regarding the Estate of Daniel E. Easterbrook in the Oakland Tribune dated July 12, 1911 (also printed July 19 and July 26, 1911).

Three articles mentioning Mrs. Daniel E. Easterbrook (Nettie) in the Oakland Tribune dated March 16, 1915, January 26, 1917., and April 11, 1915.

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