Describe Curt Flood Field here. It's named for Curt Flood (no, really).

photo from Our Oakland

The Curt Flood Field is trying to renovate. From the Mayor's Newsletter:

On December 5 (2013), the Office of Parks and Recreation (OPR) kicked off fundraising efforts for the renovation of the Curt Flood Multipurpose Field. OPR, along with Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation (FOPR), would like to convert the Curt Flood Multipurpose Field, located on School Street and Coolidge Avenue, into a true complex that boasts areas for baseball, softball, football, soccer and basketball. 

OPR is looking to breathing life back into the field. Unfortunately, over the years, this sports field has fallen into disrepair. Organizations, schools and families are no longer using the field at full capacity due to its current condition. 

The Curt Flood Sports Complex Committee, which includes former San Francisco Giants player and OPR Employee, Nate Oliver, is organizing an endeavor to renovate the Curt Flood Multipurpose Field. OPR's hope is to have as many supporters as possible to join in this effort. The new complex will include new bleachers, lights, a concession stand and other updated amenities. 

For more info on the renovation project: