The Crystal Laundry was a laundry at 2307 Chestnut Street c. 1914–1941 [ possibly longer ].

Jack Budge, the father of Don Budge, worked for them as a driver in 1917–1918 (according to WWI draft records).

In 1917, James W. Plachek (architect from Berkeley) designed a building on Chestnut Street for them. 1

The laundry had a baseball team in the Oakland Tribune Midwinter League c.1918–1923.

In 1916, W. J. Hessler was the president, Joseph R. Alvarez the manger, and D. H. Harvey the secretary.

In 1925, W. J. Hessler was the president-manager, Joseph R. Alvarez the vice president, and W. W. Crowley was the secretary-treasurer.

From 1937-1941 [ at least ] Joseph R. Alvarez was the president-manager. E. J. McClellan the vice president, and Josephine Freitas the secretary-treasurer.

from 1925 Polks Directory

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