According to the wikipedia entry, "Crocker Highlands is an affluent neighborhood ... bounded by the adjacent city of Piedmont to the north, and roughly bordered by Lakeshore Avenue to the west and Mandana Boulevard to the north and east.

Crocker Highlands often refers to any of the following areas:

  • The homes within the boundary of Crocker Highlands Highlands Elementary School. This definition incorporates the largest number of homes; however, it is the least historically accurate.
  • The homes within the original Crocker Highlands development by Wickham Havens, the son of Frank C. Havens, one of the developers of the Lakeshore Highlands development (included within borders of the Lakeshore Homes Association). Both the Crocker Highlands and Lakeshore Highlands areas were originally part of the Sather Estate on the north side of Indian Gulch, which was acquired by Francis "Borax" Smith and developed with the help of Frank C. Havens at the same time.
  • The City of Oakland created official neighborhood maps in the 1980s. The area called "Crocker Highlands" depicted by the city's map, does not reflect the original history of the area. This city map includes homes within the original Crocker Highlands development neighborhood, as well as homes that were part of the original Lakeshore Highlands development. 


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