The Cosmopolitan School was a public school from 1870–1878 with classes taught in French. 1 It was located on 12th Street between Jefferson and Grove (now MLK), next to the Lafayette School.

A brief article lists an honor roll of students in first, second, and third grade. 2 Another mention in 1873 notes that Professor Augustus D.A. Champion was the superintendent, assisted by Mrs. Elizabeth C. Head, and described it as "this popular French school." 3

In 1876, Champion disappeared to Mexico. 4,5 P.A. Garin was elected principal and was teacher of French; H.P. Stearns and Cloelia Lewis, assistants.

The board of education voted to discontinue the Cosmopolitan School in 1878, citing the rapidly growing need for the "common school course." 6

One notable alum was Frank C. Jordan, who served as California Secretary of State from 1910 until his death in 1940.

At some point the building and Lafayette School were demolished, and an iteration of Oakland High School was built on the block, opening in 1895.

1889 Sanborn excerpt

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