The Cosmopolitan Hotel was located at 713 Broadway (859 before renumbering) between 7th and 8th Streets. It was later referred to as Cosmopolitan House.

NB: c.1903 there was apparently a Cosmopolitan Hotel somewhere near East 16th? Or maybe The Cosmopolitan at 862 Broadway?
NB: Beginning in 1911, the Hotel Galindo was known as the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

In 1868, it was purchased by J.J. Hanifin from Joseph Dieves.

1869 ad

An ad in 1874 notes that B.N. Bogisic & Co. were now the proprietors, 1 but that didn't last long. By the 1875 directory, it was run by Stephen J. Dodge.

Hanifin apparently continued to run the ground-floor saloon.

The Cosmopolitan appears as late as the 1880-1881 directory, but stops appearing in listings by the 1884-1885 directory.

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