The Contra Costa Water Company (1866–1898) was formed in 1866 by Anthony Chabot, and was the first company to successfully pipe water into Oakland.

The company constructed Lake Temescal and Lake Chabot (originally San Leandro Reservoir) as water reservoirs.

One result of the water war with the Oakland Water Company was the city of Oakland beginning creation a municipal utility. The companies merged in 1898, with OWC's William Dingee in control.

William H. Mead was secretary of the company for 32 years.

In 1894, Pierce was the president, Watkinson was the bookkeeper, and Orestes Pierce the superintendent. Apparently William Shorey was "exempted from paying water rates because of concessions made by him to keep the water company's men off jury duty." 1

In 1906, the recently-formed Syndicate Water Company purchased the Contra Costa Water Company for $70 a share ($20 cash plus $50 interest in the new company.) 2

In 1907, the combined companies were merged into the Peoples Water Company.

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