The Oakland Community Policing Board is a body established to monitor and report on the implementation of community policing in Oakland; provide recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, and City Staff on steps to improve community policing activities; serve as advisors to the Chief of Police and police command staff for the community on community policing matters; maintain a communication link between the Police Services Agency management and the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils. (website).

Community Policing Advisory Board Basic Structure.pdf

Meeting Time and Place: 1st Wednesday of month at hearing Room 3 in City Hall at 6 pm

Representatives and Districts:

District 1: Cathy Leonard

District 2: John Garvey

District 3: Vacant

District 4: Ravinder Singh

District 5: Sal Gomez

District 6: C Brown

District 7:   Vacant

At-Large: Vacant

Mayor: Sheryl Walton, Jay Ashford (Chairperson), Don Link

Oakland Unified School District: Vacant

Oakland Housing Authority: Renia Webb

Neighborhood Watch: Angela Haller


General Scope of the Advisory Board Work:

  • Monitor progress in the implementation of City Council Resolution 72727 and report in least twice yearly to The Mayor, City Council, and the community.
  • Assist in setting citywide priorities for the full implementation of community policing through a review of community policing strategies materials and training, assessments of the effectiveness of the strategies and recommendations for improvement.
  • Serve as a primary communication link to the community and bring feedback from the community to the Board.
  • Serve as advisors to the Chief and top command staff on community policing strategies planned or implemented.
  • Review and make recommendations on the Agency’s community policing programs.
  • Assist in educating and informing the public about community policing, its current progress, and its directions.
  • Serve as an active advocate for the community policing philosophy.
  • Help host and actively participate in community policing public meetings.



Role of the Advisory Board:

  • Advise the Chief of Police on community policing policy issues brought by the Board.
  • Meet monthly.
  • Make recommendations to the Chief of Police to support the successful implementation of community policing.
  • Serve as a citizen review and involvement body for the City Council and Police Services Agency on community policing issues suggested by the Board members and by the Chief. [Note: the Board shall have no authority or responsibility to inquire into or investigate personnel actions or practices subject to review by either the Civil service Commission, the Citizen’s Police Review Board, or any other duly constituted regulatory or oversight body.



Role of Individual Advisory Board Members:


  • Represent stakeholder groups in the Council District from which they are appointed and the community as a whole in providing input which reflects the concerns, visions, and ideas of the community.
  • Report back to their Council District stakeholder groups and the community as a whole with information on Board’s activities, and gather input from groups to share with the Board.
  • Participate in Board activities and functions.
  • Suggest issues to be brought before the Board.
  • Be an active community advocate for the implementation of community policing in Oakland.



Role of the Chief:

  • Suggest issues to be brought before the Board.
  • Attend and participate in Board meetings.
  • Coordinate, assign, and direct staff efforts in support of Board activities.
  • Chief spokesperson for the implementation of the community policing program.
  • Listen to issues raised, share them with the appropriate staff and repot back to the Board with progress made on recommendations.



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