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Oakland’s colonial history? … Please provide some context as to what is desired in this article, as it is difficult to visualize …

=> Maybe "colonial history" isn't quite the right word, as many people typically think of New England and the "Colonial Period" when that word is used. I was thinking of the period when the region was a colony of Spain. Perhaps "Spanish Period" or something similar might be a more appropriate title for this entry? - mk30

Oh, I understand – history of Oakland, pre-Oakland! You’ve reminded me … I’ve got a killer story on this general subject – which is as verifiable as people care to make it (that is, about as true as it can be, considering all the synthesis it underwent and sources I’ve since forgotten) – and it’s not quite the same as what we were told in school. I’ll write it up offline, though, and then blast it in all at once, so as not to hold the page hostage – in case JL, NAParish or Gene want to scoop me again … ;^)

Excellent. Also, please feel free to suggest alternate titles for this entry that would be easier for everyone to understand! - mk30