Describe Cole Elementary School here

(aka Cole Grammar School)

are these schools different enough to merit different pages?

  • depends who you talk to. It's the same school/campus with a different name, but very different eras.
    • could we incorporate the history and the current school onto the same page with different sections? -gk
      • I'd vote for keeping them separate. The Grammar School was a different building and a very different era of history. Cross-link them, but keep them separate. -Gene
      • One problem with having separate pages is that it is doubtful that the change from "Grammar School" to "Elementary School" happened at the same time as the construction of the new building -- and, in fact, we do not know when the change occurred. 
      • My assumption (not yet investigated and/or verified) is that all of Oakland's similar schools changed from grammar schools to elementary schools at the same time (similar to later changes of junior high schools to middle schools).  For example, what is now Glenview Elementary was originally a grammar school when it opened in 1926; it may have become an elementary school when grades 7-8 were moved to a newly created junior high.
      • Also, note that many sources simply call it the "Cole School," without any further delineation.
      • We will have the same problem / issue with all of Oakland's older elementary schools -- except that Cole appears to have been the lower grade school in Oakland for many years, so has a much longer list of alumni.
    • i believe this is now the location of Oakland School Police- not a school?