This is a list of project ideas and people interested in working on them for Code for Oakland 2012!

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Project Name Description Needs/Requirements Team Members Accepting members?
LocalWiki Launch

Seed lots of content and add Templates for participating in Oakland's LocalWiki.


No experience required, but would be convenient to have a laptop or other internet-connected device! We can share too though. Matt,  Oh Yeah!
Portals Using transclusion make richer pages with structured data in localwiki  laptop, be able to envision what richer pages in loclawiki ought to look like , willingness to understand transclusion,  Max  

Use live video on easy mobile apps enabling a discreet neighborhood watch. Should be more hidden than normal surveillance cameras. Should have social features to enable neighbors who know each other on a street to securely communicate with each other.

  • Similar to Oakwatch, emphasis on live video that is hidden, difficult for people on the street to see. This is important for their safety.   
  • Emphasis on elderly residents  (thinking about some residential streets off San Pablo I met while canvassing for the 2010 elections that often plagued with drug dealing / prostitution.)
Javascript, HTML5, Opentok API, PhoneGap Romy Ilano Accepting!
Protect the Ice Cream Man Problem: many undocumented workers selling ice cream or working in taco trucks are victims of crime because they carry cash + are known not to report to the police. Solution: use twilio/SMS on featurephones so that they can annonymously report incidents, get potential annonymous legal advice. Twilio for SMS messaging, Javascript AJAX, HTML5, maybe StackMob? Romy Ilano Accepting
Multilingua Oakland has many immigrant groups speaking fairly "exotic" languages like Khmer, Hmong, Yemeni, Eritrean, Tagaloc, Ilocano, Mixtec, Zapotec. Could someone build a good CMS that enables members of this community (and those outside of Oakland) to crowdsource translate support guides on a mobile website?   Romy Ilano  
Green Soul Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up your culture. Mobile web and PC web app showing healthier versions of Filipino / Mexican / African-American traditional dishes. Tie it into a point system integrated into users' churches so that they can share their transformations every Sunday. Inspired by the vegan Filipino restaurant No Worries.   Phonegap, Ruby? Romy Ilano   
Digital Zine Archive We use scanning techniques to digitize Oakland zines freely available to read online. Camera, zines Max Klein  
Pimp my Bus Stop Using GIS, bus riders can submit requests about bus stop issues to AC Transit, i.e. missing furniture, vandalism, etc. Sijui, no se, I don't know! Reginald James  
City of Oakland Events|Public Works|Volunteer List

Using the current email list of volunteer events in City of Oakland, adding your address, allows you to see closer by events, Events corresponding to a mile from your address are plotted of Google Maps?

Here is the live list, it can be text depending of the zip code entered:

To add your own address.

To make the list plot on maps.

Luis A. Frigo