Russell Clifford "Cliff" Durant 1

Russell Clifford Durant ("Cliff" to his friends) (November 26, 1890 - October 30, 1937) was a race car driver, speedboat enthusiast, amateur flier, President of Durant Motors in Oakland, California, and son of General Motors founder William "Billy" Crapo Durant.

In 1919 Durant had his own flight school, airplanes for sale, and 72-acre air field, Durant Field in Oakland, which was located at 80th Avenue, 83rd Avenue and Snell Street.

At various times in his career he was also Vice President of Sales for Chevrolet in Oakland.

In November 1919 he purchased the  F.C, Talbot's Country Estate, for $200,000,2  Edenvale is located in the at the top of 98th Ave and Foothill Blvd. 

In December 1921 the home is destroyed in fire,  The fire is estimated at $250,000

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