The Sept 17 2013 City Council Meeting will be the first meeting after summer recess.

The meeting starts at 5:30PM. You can watch it live online.

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Check out the full agenda. Agenda (35).pdf

Important items on the agenda are...

Larry Reid was not present. It was Rebecca Kaplan's birthday.

Consent Items

  • travel authorizations for various council members
  • settlements
  • $2m contract for sewers
  • renaming of 19th Street/Oakland" BART Station To The "19th Street/Uptown Oakland" Station

Non Consent Items

  • delinquent garbage fees
  • delinquent property transfer taxes

Action Items

  • tools of violence (2nd reading: passage will result in adoption of ordinance)
    • 3 public speakers signed up. only one spoke. no council discussion. gallo moves to approve. schaaf seconds and it passed- everyone voted aye except kalb who abstained and reid who wasn't there.
  • details of civilianization of IA intake (1st reading: passage will result in introduction)