The City Administrator position is very powerful in Oakland, which has had a "strong mayor" form of government since the passage of Measure X since 1999 (under Jerry Brown).1

The current City Administrator is John Flores who is in an interim role while Mayor Libby Schaaf looked for a permanent City Admin. He will be replaced by Sabrina Landreth.

There were many City Admins under Jean Quan including, Fred Blackwell, who replaced Deanna Santana who left in early March 2014. However, on April 2, 2014 it was announced that he will be leaving the city administrator role to become CEO of the San Francisco Foundation. He was followed in rapid succession by some interim people then by Henry Gardner who came back to the position he once held in the 80s to finish out Quan's term.


Past City Administrators include:

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Official City of Oakland City Administrator Page:

On this page you can read about the position as well as see recent documents the City Administrator has presented to the City. You can also subscribe to the Administrator's newsletter which contains lots of important information.


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