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Chris Dobbins was an OUSD Board Member from District 6 until 2014. He was censured in 2007 for relationship with a student. He was on the Oracle Arena Board of Commissioners

OUSD Board of Directors Special Committee to Consider Member Censure, Findings and Recommendations (PDF of proceedings

A tweet from Steven Tavares of East Bay Citizen on Sept 6, 2013 said that people want Dobbins to run for City Council in 2014 in District 6.

In a new twist, Dobbins is representing a member of the Bey family, Nedir Bey, against the American Indian Model Charter School, which has a restraining order against him.

Dobbins was quoted as "a high school classmate" of the gunman in the Va. killings, by the AP saying "He was such a nice guy, just a soft-spoken, well-dressed, good-looking guy. He never had any problems, no fights, nothing like that," here.