Chicano revolutionary party officeChicano revolutionary Party free Breakfast programThe Chicano Revolutionary Party newspaper La Chispa

The Chicano Revolutionary Party (CRP) or (Partido Revolucionario Chicano) was a Chicano Militant socialist organization based out of East Oakland's Fruitvale District. The CRP as they were known began in 1968 created by Chicano and Latino students and Community members as a Chicano vanguard for the Chicano Community of East Oakland. The Chicano Revolutionary Opened an Office on 1423 Fruitvale Ave. The CRP began programs to educate The local Chicano community on several issues Ranging from Police Brutality, Immigration issues, Housing Rights, and more. The CRP also began a community newspaper called La Chispa dealing with local issues. Like the Black Panthers the CRP did nightly patrols against Police brutality. If they saw someone getting arrested they would observe the Police and would tell the person being arrested what their rights were.

The Chicano revolutionary party was a close ally of the Black Panthers. In 1969 The Black Panthers helped the CRP start a Free Breakfast program for Latino and Black Children in the Fruitvale district. The Free breakfast program was based out of Mary help of Christians Church on E9th st in Jingletown. The CRP also were able to start 2 more Free Breakfast Programs at Saint Mary's Catholic Church in West Oakland and at Fruitvale Congregational Church on Fruitvale ave  and E16th st.  The Chicano revolutionary party broke up sometime in 1974. Internal conflicts and Police Infiltration and the FBI Cointelpro were the reasons why the CRP and many Organizations like it cease to exist.

Concert benefit poster of Chicano Revolutionary Party and Black Panthers Free Breakfast Program