The Charros Club was a short-lived social club, intended to be a “meeting place for business and professional men, artists, writers and musicians” and to “perpetuate the spirit of the early west.” It was at 418 - 11th Street in the Hook Brothers Building. It held its opening night on April 7, 1908. The officers were Adam H. Shirk, alcalde (magistrate), W.H. Kiler, sub-alcalde, Charles H. Williamson, secretary-treasurer. 1

One of their first events was a hike and cookout near Lake Chabot. Members listed include: Niles G. Hyatt; W.E. Ross; J.H. Morehouse, Jr.; Ralph Flack; J.W. Withers; Charles L. Williamson; Paul Daniels; newly elected alcalde Dr. A.B. Casad; W.J. Lheureux; Chris Caspers; William H. McCutcheon; Harry Parker; J.E. Borein; and Adam H. Shirk. 2 In other events, members listed include: Reggie Basset; T.G. Springer; and judge T.A. Redall. 3,4

Will McCutcheon is listed as the alcalde in May 1909 when he married Sophie Waters. McCutcheon was also secretary-treasurer of Hook Brothers & Company furniture. 5 The Hook Brothers retired in 1910 after 30 years in business, and leased the building to R. Pozzi and F.B. Moore, 6 but the end for the club was already underway.

Club Liquor License

The Charros Club and numerous other newly formed social clubs were under investigation, being viewed by some as a way to skirt liquor license laws. 7 It was noted in another article a few years later that for a number of clubs like the Charros Club, the free license was granted to people who were no longer part of the organization and they had passed into other hands. 8

By 1914, the only remaining newspaper references to the club are articles about gambling. 9 It's unclear how long the club operated by its original charter.

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