July 4, 1968 ©Oakland Tribune (archives)Charlie O was the mascot mule of the Oakland Athletics even before they moved to Oakland from Kansas City. Owner Charlie Finley named the mule after himself, and not only took the mule onto the field before games, but sometimes took Charlie to events, bars and restaurants.

According to Carl Finley's daughter:

"In Kansas City days, Charlie O the mule also had a suite at the New York Plaza Hotel, rode escalators, had his hair cut in barber shops, had his own fan club and celebrated birthday parties with a huge cake brought to center field. [ Chicago ] White Sox Stadium was the only stadium to forbid Charlie 'O' the mule from entering when the team played. Protests were held with fans holding signs in front of the stadium; fans held up home made signs asking to let Charlie O inside. This didn't happen after our Oakland move. Things were subdued here."

Before Finley purchased the team in Kansas City, the mascot was an elephant. In 1964, the governor of Missouri gave Charlie Finley a mule, and he decided it should be the team mascot. Charlie O was the mascot for 3 seasons in Kansas City, and from 1968 to 1976.

Charlie O even had a song written about him.

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