Charles Dwight Haven (c.1836 – November 10, 1922) was on city council in 1870. He was a Republican. 4 In 1879-1880 he was on the Board of Education. 5

Haven was married to Laura Augusta Haven, and they had 6 children: William P. Haven, Charles Daniel Haven, Benjamin R. Haven, Edward Haven, Lawrence Haven, and Caroline Louisa Haven (Stevens).

Haven worked in the insurance industry, and was resident secretary of the London & Liverpool & Globe Insurance Company. 2,6

1883 ad

The family home was on 8th St. between Linden and Chestnut until c.1903. The house was sold in 1911 and became St. Vincent's Day Home. 7

Strangely and famously, Charles Haven was burglarized at least three times. The third time a maid locked the burglar in a milk shed, where Haven and his sons confronted him. The burglar got away by slipping out of his coat, which the Havens then turned over to the police. 1

Charles Haven, Jr. was a member of the California National Guard. 3

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