Charles Butters was an Oakland businessman, capitalist, and ______ , etc. who ...

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  • Charles Butters and his brother Henry A. Butters were together partners in many earlier enterprises.
  • In 1913 he filed for three patents on two "Apparatus for Filtering Slimes," and two "Process of Filtering Slimes."
  • In Butters vs. City of Oakland, action was taken by Charles Butters and others against the City of Oakland in an eminent domain case alleging liable for damage to abutting property by changes in street.  Judgement for defendants, and plaintiffs appeal.  Affirmed in District Court of Appeal, and hearing denied in Supreme Court.
  • There was also a Charles Butters who was associated with Harry Garthwaite, brother of W. W. Garthwaite in mining. (ref)

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