The Central Block was built between 1880 and 1881 by Charles Jurgens, a major Oakland developer of the 19th century.  Designed by the architectural firm of J. C. Mathews  & Son, in an Italianate style with Eastlake elements to the building, the Central Block was located at 1102-1118 East 12th Street, Oakland, California.

Bit of Trivia:  In 1887 Mrs. M. P. Farrar, Proprietress had "Elegant Rooms, Furnished and Unfurnished at Moderate Prices" at 1068 Broadway, Upstairs, on the Central Block, located in the Business Center of the City, with "Cable and Fruit Vale Cars Pass the Entrance."

On July 20, 1982 the Central Block was designated Oakland Landmark #59, under Zoning Case #LM 82-127.

In 1986 the building was demolished after being damaged by a fire.

The Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board and the property owner installed a marker in 1990 at the site with a brief description of the history, as a prototype for a citywide Landmark plaque program.1

Scan of copy of picture of plaque, Historic Preservation Element

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