Cat Town Cafe is the first cat cafe in the united states. It is run by Cat Town, an Oakland cat rescue, and was founded by Ann Dunn and Adam Myatt, aka “Cat Man of West Oakland.” The cafe opened 10/25/14.

The Cat Town Cafe features an area called the Cat Zone, where cats are free roaming and available for adoption. Visitors can spend up to an hour in the Cat Zone, and free walk-ins are welcome as space allows. For a $10 donation, you can make a Cat Zone Reservation ahead of time, which ensures your visiting time is available, and supports a great cause.

The cafe hours are 8AM - 7PM Wednesday - Sunday, and the Cat Zone will be open from 10AM - 7PM.

There are murals there.

Cat Town Cafe was awarded the 2015 Oaklandish Innovator Award.

Cat Town Cafe  was the recipient of the 2015 East Bay Express Readers' Poll Award for Best New Business.

photo CC BY 2.0 by Cynthinee

photo CC BY 2.0 by Cynthinee

Location2869 Broadway


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