Our neighborhood in East Oakland is the Castlemont community. We focus on our census tract 4097 - a 25 block radius composed of approximately 4300 community residents.

We envision a healthy and economically vibrant neighborhood where wealth building rather than service delivery is the focus of public and private dollars. We envision a fundamental shift from spending to investment that ensures individual and collective growth and financial security through quality education, housing, community assets, and sustainable career opportunities. We envision an equitable community that addresses social determinants of health by ensuring that residents have access to:

  • High achieving schools
  • Diverse range of economic opportunities
  • Safe public space
  • Quality affordable housing
  • Developmental child care
  • Reliable public transport
  • Fresh nutritional food
  • Community-serving financial institutions
  • Quality culturally competent health care


Castlemont was originally part of Elmhurst. It is named after Castlemont High School, located at Foothill and 84th Ave.

The Castlemont Gardens housing project, located at the edge of Arroyo Viejo Creek, opened in 1948 and was the largest of its kind at the time. It sits on land that used to be the Holy Redeemer College.1






Government Services






Community Organizations





Grocery Stores






  1. Mailman, Erika. Oakland's Neighborhoods. Oakland: Mailman Press, 2005. 

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