Clarence Casebolt (C.C.) Dakin (March 28, 1880 – March 23, 1957) was a Bay Area architect. He designed several apartment buildings in Oakland. NB: He seems to have gone by Clarence when he was younger, then started going by Casebolt.

Dakin was born in San Francisco in 1880 to Frederick Dakin, a prominent mining and lumber businessman, and Virginia Frances Casebolt (Dakin). His family moved to Redding when he was a boy. 2

He returned to the Bay Area and studied in the College of Mines at the University of California. At some point he studied architecture with John Galen Howard, UC architect and professor. After graduating, Dakin worked with his father in the mining and lumber business.

On October 23, 1902, Dakin married Etta G. Lyser (Dakin), who had also been a student at UC Berkeley. 1 They had a son, Arthur Hilton Dakin. They moved to Redding in 1914, where Dakin taught high school from 1915-1919, but returned to the Bay Area after WWI. 2 Casebolt and Etta divorced at some point.

c.1927, he had an office at 2083 Harrison. 3

Casebolt returned to Redding in 1931 to manage and develop the family's properties. 4 In 1932 he remarried, to Henrietta Morgan (Dakin). Near the end of WWII, they moved to southern California.

His cousin, Edna Deakin (1871–1946), (their fathers chose variant spellings), also studied with John Galen Howard after dropping her mechanics studies. Edna's father was the noted artist, Edwin Deakin. The cousins collaborated on a number of Berkeley area projects, including the 1924 restoration of the Bernard Maybeck designed Temple of Wings, a Berkeley landmark building. Clarence's father, Frederick Dakin, was a successful businessman and architect. The cousins may have worked with him on the design of his 1905 construction at the corner of Shattuck and Addison, The Studio Building.

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