On January 26, 1930, a Spanish themed exhibition home  "Casa Maria Luisa" opens in the Smith Reserve (Piedmont Pines) area of Montclair by the Realty Syndicate and H.C. Capwells.

Oakland Tribune Jan 1930 2 "Casa Maria Luisa, the new home will represent an investment, when completely furnished exceeding $50.000" Raymond Emge, sales manager of the Realty Syndicates reports.1  The house had numerous state of the art features, including a Walker Electric dishwasher, GE electric refrigerator, Hipulito rolling disappearing screens, all-electric laundry, baths with built showers, a double car garage and servants quarters with bath.   It was designed by Hamilton Murdock, an Oakland architect.

The home is the first of the first of the  "Daughter of  Peralta"  series.






The furnishing by H.C. Capwell

In the four months since it opened  "50,000 visitors have made Casa Maria Luisa famous and placed it high amongst  the leaders of better homes about the bay". 3  Oakland Tribune April 27, 1930





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