Following up on the questions about Mrs. Ghirardelli's death, I found something odd.  For some reason, there is a FindAGrave entry for Ms. Ghirardelli at St. Mary's, even though she died after Domingo Ghirardelli had his family's deceased moved to Mt. View -- and that entry references an inscription that says "To Mt. View.  Tumor."  Check out these listings:

Bizarre, and worth checking to see if there really is some sort of Ghirardelli plot / monument still at St. Mary's

Then this page should probably be deleted, because I don't think we will have enough info about Mrs. Ghirardelli to justify a whole page.

Oh, and with respect to Eugene Ghirardelli, this site (see footnote 44) says he was declared legally dead in 1921.

The St. Mary's entry has since been deleted, so I'm guessing there's nothing there. I'll have to ask at the SMC office sometime and see if they know where the Ghirardelli plot was.