Carl and Charlie in 1962, when Carl became a minority owner in the team. Courtesy Nancy Finley via WikipediaCarl A. Finley, Jr. (March 23, 1924 – March 30, 2002) was the cousin of and 'right-hand man' of Oakland A's owner Charlie Finley.

Finley started his involvement with the A's as a minority owner of the then Kansas City Athletics when he was 'romanced' into the position by his cousin Charlie. When the team moved from Kansas City to Oakland in 1968, Carl moved to Oakland with his daughter Nancy to manage the team. Finley was Charlie's right-hand man all the way through the sale of the team in 1980.

Carl was a proponent of keeping things local, and made sure the team doctors were from Oakland. When it was time to find housing for mule mascot Charlie O, Finley chose Skyline Stables because it was in Oakland. And he made sure that visiting VIPs and teams stayed at Oakland hotels.

Finley also taught business law at Laney College during the off-season. 1

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