The California Voice (1919 - present?) is weekly newspaper serving the African American community. It was run for many years by Lillian and E. A. Daly, who purchased the newspaper in 1927.

It was first published in November 1919 with E. Marshall, editor; Lawrence Sledge, associate editor; T. Marshall, business manager; and L. A. Brown, assistant manager. 1

In 1935, it was at 2624 San Pablo Ave. 4

Beginning in 1971, the California Voice was owned by the Reporter Publishing Company, owned by Carlton Benjamin Goodlett. 3 Dr. Norvell Smith was head of the board, and Paul Cobb became managing editor. 6 Amelia Ashley-Ward purchased the paper in 1997. 5

Dr. Norvell Smith, 1971 7

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(There was also a prohibition newspaper called the California Voice, started in 1884, later based in Los Angeles, run by Wiley Phillips and later Ethel Hubler.)

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