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The California Pickle and Sauce Company was a canning company dating back to c.1906. It was founded by Louis F. Helmond and Adolph Kreye. 6

The 1905 directory lists Adolph Kreye as the secretary of the Oakland Pickle Factory and Vinegar Works. 8

The 1910 Handbook of Manufacturers in and about San Francisco lists them under the Relishes category, on 1st Street between Webster and Harrison. 2

c.1911 it was at 121-133 Myrtle (619-625 before renumbering). Kreye is no longer mentioned, but Henry Deppe is. 1

1912 Sanborn excerpt

In 1914, they purchased a lot in Emeryville to build a new plant, and by August of 1914, they had announced their move. 4,5

They purchased the Kirsten Packing Plant in Walnut Creek in 1922 and started production there in 1923, in addition to the Emeryville plant. 9

The 1927 United States Food Products Directory, the Blue Book of Food lists them as "packers and canners, tomato puree, tomato catsup, pickles, relish, sauerkraut, worchestershire sauce." L.F. Helmond and R.C. Franke were the proprietors. 3

Louis Helmond died in 1936 in Lafayette. His obituary says he had manufactured tomato products for 32 years. 7

Emeryville plant 6

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