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The California Medical College was on Clay St. between 10th and 11th. It was opened May 17, 1878 by Dr. Josiah Watson Webb. The building was later renamed California Hall, 1015 Clay Street, with commercial spaces at 1013 and 1017.

"The plan of this building excels any similar institution west of Chicago. It is four stories in height. On the second floor are a magnificent hall, and three suites of offices. On the third floor are the amphitheater, a museum, library and laboratory. The dissecting room, the best appointed on the coast, is spacious and thoroughly ventilated by means of the dome." 1

The class of 1881 was the first to graduate. It included Dr. Jennie Platt Webb, who was the widow of Dr. Josiah Watson Webb. Their son, Dr. Ed L. Webb, graduated from the school in 1892; Jennie's sister, Dr. Kate E. Webb MacRae, graduated in 1888. 2

In 1885, there were 10 faculty members. The officers consisted of:

  • D. MacLean, MD - president
  • Colin Cambell - 1st vice-president
  • G. G. Gere, MD - 2nd vice-president
  • J. P. Webb, MD - treasurer
  • H. T. Webster, MD - secretary

California Hall

In 1888, Henry Kahn of Kahn Brothers purchased the building and renamed it California Hall. 3 The college was dissolved later that year. 4

c.1898-1902, 1013 Clay Street was home to the factory of Fabian H. Bruning Confectioneries.

The upper floors were used by various groups for meetings, including the English Lutheran Church, Woman's Council No. 6 of the American Protective Association, the Mormons, Native Sons of the Golden West, Grand Army of the Republic, Order of Chosen Friends, United Ancient Order of Druids, various unions, the Federated Trades Council, St. Patrick's Alliance, Universal Truth Association, The Ancient Order of Foresters, and more. In 1902, Mrs. M.J. Rowley was the superintendent of the hall and lived there. 5

The 1889 and 1902 Sanborn maps show it as 3 1/2 stories, with the distinctive 5-story tower. The 1912 map shows it as 4 stories in the front and 3 in the back, possibly the same building with changes. By the 1951 Sanborn map, the building had been replaced with a 2-story building.

1889 Sanborn excerpt1902 Sanborn excerpt1912 Sanborn excerpt

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