Who would win a cage match between Donut Savant and the Lakeshore location of Colonial Donuts?

Why Donut Savant would win:

  • Weird flavors
  • Pretty delicious
  • Appeals to "old schoolness" are reactionary. young establishments can also be (and frequently are) good. just because something has been around forever and one associates it with one's youth and an idealized memory of the way things used to be doesn't mean that it's actually good (and even if it is good, it doesn't mean that something new can't be better).

Why Colonial Donuts would win:

  • 24 hours, duh
  • OG donut establishment, not some upstart which could perhaps be seen as part of the fancification wave that seems to be sweeping our fair metropolis
  • Pretty delicious
  • Very puffy donuts

Dichotomies are just like, not cool, man, which is why we have a Best Donut in Oakland Contest

Question: does Donut Savant have vegan donuts? Colonial most certainly does not.