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The Bruning Brothers Candy Company was one of the first candy companies in Oakland, dating back to at least 1872. Later, brothers Fabian Henry Bruning (F.H. or Henry) and John Henry (J.H. or John) Bruning separated their business, with John going into business in San Francisco. The Oakland business became F.H. Bruning Candy Company.

The 1872 directory lists Bruning Brothers, Eureka Candy Manufactory on the west side of Broadway between 6th and 7th (833 Broadway before renumbering). At the time, they lived on 11th Street in West Oakland with their mother. 1

1872 directory 1

In 1877, the business moved to 464 - 12th Street between Broadway and Washington. 2 In 1882, they had moved again, to the 483 - 7th Street on southeast corner of 7th and Washington. 3

It's unknown what year the brothers split the business; possibly as early as 1891. But the 1895 ad for the next move, to 1161 Washington between 13th and 14th and 511 - 14th Street lists "F.H. Bruning -- the pioneer candy manufacturer," 4 so it was apparently before that.

1895 ad 5

By 1903, F.H. Bruning Candy had moved to 521 - 7th Street, and a 1904 ad shows them occupying the entire building at 521-527 - 7th Street. 6

A 1909 article describes F.H. Bruning as a "retired candymaker", but classified ads for Bruning Candy hiring "experienced chocolate dippers" appear as late as 1918, 7 and F.H. Bruning is listed in the 1924 directory as the president of F.H. Bruning Candy Company. It also lists his son, Harry Frederick Bruning, as the vice president, but living in Boston. 8

A stock certificate for F.H. Bruning Candy Company lists an incorporation date of November 17, 1911, capitalized with 100 shares for $100 each for $10,000. 9

John Henry Bruning died in 1921, and Fabian Henry Bruning died in 1928.

483 - 7th St.
1889 Sanborn excerpt
1161 Washington, 511 - 14th
1902 Sanborn excerpt
521 - 7th St.
1912 Sanborn excerpt

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