It’s well known that Bruce Lee was married, and as wikipedia puts it, his “erudition expanded in any field that required pure human expression.” The man had wide-ranging interests beyond acting and the fighting techniques for which he is best known. He also had a sensitive side; did you know he wrote poetry? In time, he no doubt also began to excel at other important and useful domestic skills, including (but not limited to):

  • sensing when to take out the trash just before being asked
  • patiently refraining from fixing incorrectly-hung toilet paper rolls
  • leaving the lid down; and
  • saying whenever applicable, “great idea, honey … let’s do it your way.”

His sense of obligation to share what he had learned with others is similarly well-documented; however, it’s a bit of a stretch – even as awesome as Oakland was then, and is now – to assume that he’d have bothered to set up another dojo to teach those skills! More likely, you fat-fingered the search bar (again!) and need to check your spelling.