September 23, 2014 was named Bruce Buckelew Day.

From Quan's newsletter:

 "Decades ago IBM lent the Oakland Schools executive Bruce Buckelew to help us upgrade our technology and bridge the digital divide. I helped him take over the basement of Oakland Tech where he recycled computers and gave them to students and schools. After that one year he just stayed and volunteered; Bruce went on to form the Oakland Tech Exchange in 1995 with its own warehouse in West Oakland with the goal of providing a green solution to digital inequity by refurbishing computers and providing them to families in need. He also launched a computer academy at Oakland Technical High School, helping students build the technology skills they need to be successful. Since its inception, OTX has provided over 36,000 computers across the Oakland community and has worked to support Oakland Unified School District, the City of Oakland, Oakland Housing Authority, and many other organizations.

 Bruce Buckelew is an American hero. Twenty years ago, Bruce was volunteering with a few students in the basement of Oakland Tech and today he is empowering students and families across the school district with connectivity and access to computer and digital literacy. He's put tens of thousands of computers in the hands of young Oaklanders to study and do their schoolwork. We are forever grateful for his service."

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