1920, courtesy Tim Sanchez

The Broadway Bank Building was on Broadway near Grand Ave. It was constructed c.1917 for the short-lived Broadway Bank, which was taken over by the Bank of Italy (now Bank of America) in 1922. 2 The building was designed by Richardson and Burrell.

Broadway Bank

1917 ad 1

The Broadway Bank opened its doors August 20, 1917. Ben F. Edwards was president; James F. Peck, vice-president; Frank F. de Lisle, secretary; H.H. Belcher, cashier; Ben F. Edwards, Jr., assistant cashier. 1

The bank merged with the Bank of Italy in 1922. Ben Edwards became branch vice-president; J.E. Spafford, assistant manager; H.F. Strohl, assistant cashier. 2


Courtesy Tim Sanchezfrom Webster. Courtesy Tim Sanchez

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