The Bouhaben family is descended from French immigrants, and is noted for founding and running the Union Pacific Laundry for many years.

Joseph Bouhaben (January 14, 1870 – October 18, 1918) was born in France. He arrived in the U.S. about 1891, and married Anna ("Annie") Bastit Saint Martin (Bouhaben) (May 6, 1875 – August 10, 1950), who had been born in Ogeu-Les-Bains, France. Bouhaben founded the Union Pacific Laundry in 1896. Joseph and Anna had two children, Irene and Emil. Around 1900, the family lived at 824 - 28th St., not far from the laundry.

Joseph's death at age 48 in 1918 suggests the possibility he died from the 1918 influenza pandemic, but his cause of death hasn't been found yet.

Irene Marie Louise Bouhaben (Uth) (July 4, 1896 – December 30, 1986) married Harold B. Uth.

• Emil Henry Bouhaben (October 8, 1898 – October 6, 1957) married Marion Adele Frary (Bouhaben) and they had two children, Emile and Joyce.

Joseph, Anna, Irene, Emil, Marion, and Emile are all buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.

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