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Borland House is an historic home that was built in 1913 by Robert A. Borland for his family. The architect was Ed McGlynn.

Borland was a plasterer and builder, originally from Scotland. He built the home at 3900 Santa Rita for his wife Agnes C. Borland and their children: David W. Borland, Sarah C. Borland,  Mary L. Borland, Jeanette "Jennie" Borland, Robert Borland, Jr., Agnes Borland, and Peter G. Borland. The Borlands lived there until their deaths in 1926, but some of the children continued to live there until the 1950s when it was subdivided into four apartments. 1

NB: There was a home at 2825 Summit St. also referred to as the Borland House (link).

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