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Black History Month 2019 Events for Oakland. Know of more? Add them!

More events listed at the Oakland Public Library.


February 2nd

Celebration of African American Poets and Their Poetry: Black Migrations

NAACP: Past, Present and Future

February 9th

Black History Walk

Celebrate the Life of Huey P. Newton

Black Panther Party History: A Conversation with Saturu Ned

The Remarkable Courtship and Marriage of Josh and Virginia Craft Rose with Mary Ellen Butler

February 12th

Black Migrations: From Africa to Alameda

February 13th

African Americans and the Transcontinental Railroad

February 15th

"The Last Thing I Remember" -- The Art of Tarika Lewis

February 19th

Evolutionary B​lues: West Oakland's Music Legacy

February 20th

Oakland, Merritt College and the Origins of the Black Panther Movement

February 23rd

Black Alameda Walking Tour: Early Black Migrants

Let's Talk Black Migrations: Open Forum

Black History Month Tour

February 24th

Black Joy Parade

February 28th

Conducting African American Research