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photo CC SA-BY from Our Oakland
Egrets. Made during Draw Oakland. (CC0)Lake Merritt is the oldest wildlife refuge in the United States. There are numerous birds at Lake Merritt, some year-round residents, and some migratory birds passing through. Because Lake Merritt is actually a tidal slough, it has brackish water and attracts a variety of shorebirds and seabirds.

The most (in)famous birds are the Canada Geese. Although the geese are normally migratory, there is a smaller population of them that are year-round residents. The most beloved bird would probably be Hank the pelican, an injured bird that is a permanent resident.

Another famous bird at Lake Merritt is the Tufted Duck (see photo below). He looks like a Scaup with a ponytail and he really shouldn't be in California.


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Mallard DuckCanada GooseLesser ScaupAmerican CootRuddy DuckBlack-Crowned Night Heron Brown PelicanAmerican White PelicanWestern GullDouble-crested CormorantsCommon Goldeneye, male Common Goldeneye, femaleSnowy EgretTufted Duck. Photo: Pipi Ray DiamondEared Grebe, in non-breeding, or basic, plumageCanvasback

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