Oakland Tribune 1928 6

The Beulah Rest Home was a retirement home for Christian workers in the Beulah Heights neighborhood at 4690 Tompkins Avenue. 2

The land was donated by Carrie Judd Montgomery. A c.1896 structure had been in use as retirement home since 1913. 10 Planning for a new, larger home began in 1926 to replace the original building when it was badly damaged in a fire. 8 When funds were raised, construction would begin. 4 Ground was broken in April, 1928, 7 the cornerstone was placed in October, 5 and construction completed in November. Blaine and Olson were the architects. 6

Mrs. J. W. Henderson was the "prime mover" in the establishment of the home. 1 She was president of the building committee.

In 1951, ground was broken for a new wing. 9

The building, now vacant, still stands at 4690 Tompkins Avenue. Apparently the owners obtained approval to convert the building into a 40-unit condo project, and have listed the building (along with eight adjacent "partially occupied" cottages and an occupied single family residence) for sale at a price of $5.6 million. 3

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