There is a donut craze sweeping Oakland (and maybe elsewhere? who knows). We have a face off going, but some people suggest that perhaps we should let EVERYONE compete. Therefore, nominate your contenders here! Explain why you like them. Or question why this is really worthwhile.

  • Insert your competitor here
  • and another

Is this a good debate?

  • Why does everyone care so much about donuts? There are so many other good pastries. 
  • Donuts suck anyway. The smell. It's the smell!
  • Is this a pointless argument? Caring about which thing that wants to sell you more food for consumption is better obviously doesn't matter and instead traps us in petty divisions while everything else burns.
  • Why can't we just say that they're all nice and offer different things and leave it at that? why the competitiveness? this town is clearly big enough for a multitude of donuts.