Bay Sreet is a out-door mall attraction in Emeryville with various activities to do. Bay Street has the newest trends at their retail stores for you to pick out the perfect outfit, a movie theater, restaurants for you to get a quick bite or meet family and friends over for dinner, and also a Barnes & Noble. Some say that Bay Street is the best place to go to take a stroll on a lovely day. Others are horrified by its suburban atmosphere, and feel it is out of place in the urban East Bay.

Bay Street Attractions:



Emeryville, the home of Bay Street, was back then known as 382,000 square feet  of peace around three thousand years ago. Bay street was a wide range of land that Native American  people of that time lived and spent their lives. The native people would go to the lands of which is bay street now to gather their harvest, such as oysters and other food like things because bay street is very close to the shore so it was easy for them to get dome type of food. The bay was a place where they could nurture themselves with good nutritionist food. They would get fresh water from the creek. It was very beneficial to them. This was a place that had food,water,shelter and it was  a place the Natives called home. Now today with the historic landmark that has been created to be a out-door mall to enjoy and still be around the beautiful landmark and historic that flows around the bay street that the native use to use.                                                                                                                          


 The Meaning of "Shellmound"

Before their was a Bay Street there was just a big land that went a long way that was surrounded by a creek and shore where the Native Americans lived. Shellmound meaning: Natural history, geology, aquatic plant life, biological systems and elements that formed past cultural patterns form the lifeblood of character for this contemplative historical park. A series of interactive physical elements reconstruct the memory of this special place (need citation or quotation marks). Before it was a name of a street it meant so much more, when you think of Shellmound it is all of about the past cultures and what the  land use to be. I believe at the beginning of Bat street their is a little monument area where they share pieces of art work and architecture.


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