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The Bay Area Mural Program (BAMP) is a nonprofit collective of local artists dedicated to facilitating and creating public art. It was founded in 2019 by Andre Jones (aka Natty Rebel). Their vision is to turn bare, blighted walls into artistic gateways into the community's surrounding environment.

They have painted numerous murals around the Bay Area and Oakland, including the large 3 Point Celebration mural at the downtown YMCA, and the Black Liberation mural in Hoover-Foster commissioned for the Black Liberation Walking Tour. 5

In 2020, BAMP painted a blocks-long Black Lives Matter mural on the pavement of 15th Street. Despite the mural being permitted, police in an unmarked police van stole the paint from the site. The mural organizers followed them and complained. The police returned the paint, but acted like they had done nothing wrong. 1,2 BAMP also painted a similar mural on Fulton Street in San Francisco. 3,4

BAMP members include:

  • Andre Jones (Natty Rebel)
  • Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith
  • Derrick "Rtystk" Shavers
  • Timothy B
  • Zoe Boston
  • Kiara "DJ Ignacia" Hardy

(need complete list)

In addition to painting murals, BAMP also hosts art events, and lead walking tours of some of the BAMP murals downtown, led by some of the artists involved in painting the murals.

The West Oakland Mural Project was not a BAMP project, but several BAMP artists, Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, Zoe Boston, and DJ Ignacia, painted the mural.

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