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The Bauer Apartments (sometimes called Bauer Hotel Apartments) at 19th and Broadway opened in 1912. The 5-story reinforced concrete building was constructed 1911-1912 for the heirs of Christian Bauer.

Bauer's children were Flora Bauer (Kramer), Louise Bauer (Koenig), and George Bauer. 1 Flora's husband Ralph Kramer was the manager of the 44-unit building. The ground floor was built as commercial space; the architects were Righetti & Headman of San Francisco. 3

In 1919, Louis Aber, the president of the board of education, took over as manager. He had previously been manager of the St. Mark Hotel. 4

The apartments were home to mayor John L. Davie for several years before he moved to the Hotel Oakland. Some articles around that time refer to the building as the California Apartments; in 1927, numerous residents were accused of violating liquor laws during Prohibition. 6 The Bauers sought to end the lease with Mrs. Eda Aber, then manager of the apartments. 7

There was a serious fire in 1993 that damaged the upper floors. 90 firefighters rescued the tenants and fought the blaze. 5

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Commercial Tenants

There were a wide variety of commercial tenants in the ground-level spaces over the years. There were also a large number of small businesses run out of apartments, mostly showing up in classified ads.

Some of the commercial tenants are listed below. The configuration of the commercial spaces was changed over the years, so not all of the addresses were around all of the years. Most tenants were there only a few years, but Tiny's Waffle Shop was at 1762 for at least 25 years, and the Day and Night Pharmacy was at 1776 for almost 75 years.

c.1913 Cheney Photo Advertising

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Address Business Years Notes
1762 Becker and Eliel 1912- real estate and builders
  Oakland Rubber Works 1918- tires
  Checker Coffee Shop No. 2 1928-  
  Tiny's Waffle Shop 1935-1960 California chain; later sold cocktails
  Karl's on Broadway c.1965 restaurant
1764 M. Pearl, Merchant Tailor c.1925 Max Pearl
  Coakley's Millinery c.1927-c.1932 Ella P. Coakley
  Virginia-Made Candies c.1936  
  The Hat Guys 1989-c. 2015  
1774 Marshall and Stearns 1920- wall beds
  American Toll-Bridge Co. 1924- Antioch and Carquinez bridges
  Walsh Luggage and Leather c.1929 George Walsh
  Melcier's 1933- photo studio
1776 Goodyear Tires 1912-  
  Peart Inc. 1914-1915 Norman F. Peart tires
  Automobile Tire Co. 1915-1920  
  Day and Night Pharmacy 1927-1999 drug store; later Leo's
  Oaksterdam University. c.2011 cannabis
  Cookies 2019- cannabis

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