Baja Taqueria
photo CC SA-BY from Our Oakland
Baja Taqueria is that taqueria on Piedmont Avenue that looks like it's called "Fish Tacos." It's not, which is good, because it has a lot of other yummy things including plantains and a plantain burrito. Also, the plate of nachos is so amazing it will make you like nachos again. Beer and wine available. Pretty good, fresh, California-y Mexican food. Be aware, there are a *lot of rules- put your napkins here, your plates here, don't touch this, etc. Coupled with the pictures of Jerry Garcia, it makes for a slightly strange vibe. Apparently they have live music at events called "Taco Jams." They also have a small fenced patio area in back. 

photo by greenkoziThe front of the restaurant has an underwater-themed mural.

Baja was the recipient of the East Bay Express Best Veggie Burrito Award in 2014.



Famous Fish Tacos
photo CC SA-BY from Our Oakland

I know where Baja is and you know where Baja is, but it's not on the front page of their website. Fortunately, you can find it in teeny print on the very bottom of the "contact us" page, or on oaklandwiki!

4070 Piedmont Ave


(510) 547-2252


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