BMT International Security Services is a controversy-embroiled security company in Oakland.

Starting in Feb. 2014, a number of news reports came out reporting that: "BMT International Security Services, received a $426,000 government contract to guard public buildings in January 2012 after submitting bogus insurance records and security company licenses to county officials, according to court documents and state records. County supervisors canceled the contract nearly a year later after BMT had been paid more than $113,000." (2/27/14 Contra Costa Times)

BMT "is run out of a Black Muslim Temple in Oakland whose minister, Dahood Sharieff Bey, was an associate of the now defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery." (2/27/14 Contra Costa Times) Members of Your Black Muslim Bakery were associated with the murder of reporter Chauncey Bailey.

In October, 2014, Elijah University, home of BMT Security, was raided by police and investigators. Seven people were arrested on charges of public contract fraud, forged real estate deals and identity theft.

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Community Oriented firm backed by the Nation of Islam was most recently attacked by The Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News and others who have published false allegations of insurance and document fraud. BMT International Security submitted insurance documents at the City of Oakland's recent council meeting for  the Port of Oakland, and The Housing Authority of Los Angeles. Documents for each were purported in news media to be bogus.

After careful examination and investigation of the paperwork, both insurance portfolios checked out to be true. BMT claims to be a pillar of hope for Oakland's inner city communities, and their workforce supported that claim at the same council meeting. From the truth's perspective, BMT is a minority owned business pursuing ownership of governmental contracting opportunities fairly.

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