There were several buildings known as Avalon Apartments over the years, in addition to the Hotel Avalon. Avalon originally referred to the island in Arthurian legends.

While a popular name for apartments, it doesn't seemed to have had much staying power. The references by name are relatively few and far between.

1901 Foothill

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The apartments at 1901 Foothill (originally 1905 Foothill) were built c.1928. 1 The building is listed by name in the 1935 directory, but other references haven't been found. The building features a parapet with castle-like crenulations.

2430 - 8th Avenue

1929 22022 CC SA-BY Our Oakland1950 Sanborn excerpt

The Avalon Apartments at 2430 - 8th Avenue were completed in 1929. When constructed, they featured Spark stoves, Marshall and Stearns wall beds, and hardware from Simon Hardware. The building is adjacent to the Larchmond and Croydon Apartments, and is of a very similar design.

1821 - 6th Avenue

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825 - 12th Street


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