Title Art is Love, Love is Everything
Artist(s) Latoya Ford
Date last seen 01/21/2013


I live in a world within my world.
There are times I quietly slip away
leaving my body behind to entertain
those around me. I pack nothing more
than my imagination and wait patiently
For my mind to carry me to my destina-
tion. Upon arrival, my wings emerge.
I fly freely across the night sky allow-
ing my smile to shine brighter than the
Stars. I am free. An Unchained Soul. Zoetic
and true. I soar fearlessly through clo-
uds made of silk and heaven, Stopping fre-
quently to sit and observe the tiny
World below me. I am content. Peace-
ly with the moon's illuminating
glow, closing my eyes as I sway to
the beat of my pounding heart.
I am complete. A goddess
Beautiful and Pure.   Toya

Escape. is located at 45th St and Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Longfellow, North Oakland.